Open House Chicago is a 2 Day event in October run by the Chicago Architecture Foundation that offers behind the scenes access to 200 buildings across the city.
The Yale Building dates all the way back to the World's Columbian Exposition of 1893. It was originally luxury apartments for visitors to the fair. 
Atrium at the Yale Building
Remains of elevator at the Yale Building
Fire raged through this church in the early morning of October 7, 2015 
Remains after a fire of Shrine of Christ the King
Remains after a fire of Shrine of Christ the King
The Stony Island Arts Bank was purchased and renovated by artist Theaster Gates.  
Johnson Publishing Library at the Stony Island Arts Bank
The Chicago "L" (elevated) train is one of the iconic parts of the city's Loop. 
El Track in the Chicago Loop
Spiral staircase in the Rookery. Designed by Burnham & Root with the lobby redesigned by Frank Lloyd Wright.
The spiral staircase swirls from the 2nd to 12th floor. 
Marquette Building. Offices include architectural firm Holabird & Root.
Chicago Board of Trade Building with a sculpture of the Roman goddess of grain Ceres perched high above. 

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